Knights Removals

Packing materials

Packing Materials & Services Packing Materials Our services include:
  • Dismantling and reassembling of furniture
  • Packing of pictures and breakables
  • Wrapping of furniture
  • Packing IT equipment
  • Materials


    Small box45 x 33 x 33cm£2.00
    Large box45 x 45 x 50cm  £2.50 
    Wardrobe boxes  
    Wardrobe box508 x 450 x 1220mm £8
    Polythene Wrap  
    Polythene Wrap50 metres x 2 metres    £30.00
    Bubble wrap   
    Big100 metres x 1 metre£30.00
    Small50 metres x 0.5 metre£14.00
    Paper offcuts  
    Paper offcuts5kg£10.00
    Tape  £1.50